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For the second time now, the ING Bank Śląski S.A. Group has compiled the annual report in line with the best global practices of integrated reporting. To help readers use the interactive tools, we prepared a user guide with key features. We encourage you to watch a short animated video before reading the report.

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The number of our retail clients continues to grow. We had over 4.5 million of them as at the yearend. Since this offers us large potential, but also makes as more accountable, we are trying to keep good dialogue with our clients all the time. We ensure good availability and high speed of our services, and we help clients make informed choices. We apply plain language communications in all elements. We educate and support clients, introducing them to the current technology so that they feel comfortable in the digital world.
Marcin Giżycki
Vice-President of the Bank Management Board

At ING Bank Śląski S.A. we want over 4.5 million our clients to always have easy, quick and intuitive access to their funds.

We make banking easily and quickly accessible via all devices. We facilitate client communication with us and streamline access for disadvantaged people. Our clients know what they are buying – we use plain language to talk about our products. We guide our clients towards making autonomous and informed financial decisions and we listen to them closely. Their feedback helps us to implement new application solutions and features and to change our branches.

Development of new technologies, changes in means of communication and rising needs of clients make us search for new ways to contact our clients. Our clients may have different needs, but what they have in common is the expectation of the personalised approach tailored to their actual needs.
Tomasz Siwek
Director of Agile Centre - Customer Intelligence

We perceive our role in building customer experience more widely. Our goal is not only to provide banking products. We wish to educate our clients by motivating them to make informed decisions when it comes to managing their funds. Even the clients themselves more frequently expect us to do more for them than just safe-keep or transfer their money.

Their expectations concerning information acquisition and experience exchange are growing. Internet users often use the opinion and experience of others when making their decisions. That is why, we propose solutions that will help them make informed decisions and be always a step ahead in life and in business.

Our intention is to empower people to take action. We know that our Bank would not exist without clients. As at 2017 yearend, nearly 4.18 million individual clients, 354 thousand entrepreneurs and over 55 thousand corporate and strategic clients put their trust in us – they deposited over PLN 115 billion with our Bank.

4.18 million
individual clients
354 thousand

Number of ING Bank Śląski S.A. Group customers (as at yearend)

The structure of our retail clients

The structure of our corporate clients

The savings of ING Bank Śląski S.A. clients

Savings1 of ING Bank Śląski S.A. Group clients (million)

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1management data

The structure of deposit balances by province

Structure of ING Bank Śląski S.A. Group deposits by province

*deposits and other liabilities to customers

Access channels to our services

Customer trust is a huge responsibility but also an obligation to render top-notch services. We are perfectly aware of that at ING Bank Śląski S.A. Therefore, for years now we have been improving our services and regularly checking whether clients are satisfied with them. Regardless of the form, channel and frequency of bank-client interactions, we want to establish strong and long-lasting relationships with our clients.

We adjust the means of communication to clients’ expectations. For example, our business relationships with strategic corporate clients are mainly based on consultations. Many meetings are held in the form of workshops for clients during which we assume the role of Trusted Advisor. We carefully listen to the clients
and offer a one-stop shop solutions.

Strategic clients appreciate the industry know-how of Bank Relationship Managers. The solutions we offer to our clients are beneficial for their business processes, sales and procurement ones as well. A single dedicated team responsible for the client is our strength in contacts with clients. The manager coordinates the entire cooperation with a given client. Additionally – already at the sales stage – we introduce the client to the persons responsible for product rollout and on-going service.

Branches, advisors
  Online and mobile banking
  ATMs, CDMs, recyclers
  Contact Centre (phone, forum, Facebook)
  Intermediaries (ING Express, Bank representatives)


We are looking for new communication channels all the time to be even closer to our clients. We want to provide clients with easy access to our advisors in the manner they find most convenient. Therefore, in July 2017, we resolved to launch a new contact channel – CHAT. We want to be for the client “here and now”.

CHATing with clients is a new challenge for us. Hence, we started with the communicator on our website in the contact tab. This gave us time for analysis and changes. We saw how clients react and we learned their opinions and behaviour. At the next stage, we were more active on the contact site. By doing this, we helped clients and ourselves to grasp the new process.

CHAT service is open from Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 8:00 pm and on Saturday, 08:00 am to 4:00 pm.

We will steadily develop this new functionality. We started CHAT-oriented works in Moje ING to be able to provide clients with more thorough information there.

Good practice

How do we measure client satisfaction?

Over the phone
At branches
On the social media
By e-mail

This is how we surveyed opinions about our helpline, for example. As at 2017 yearend, we managed to achieve first call resolution for 81% of individual clients, and 94% were either satisfied or very satisfied with the consultant’s service. The telephone is also one of the major means of gathering corporate clients’ feedback.

We employ a Mystery Shopper survey on a regular basis. These surveys confirm the top-notch quality of individual client and entrepreneur service standards.

We meet with our corporate clients face-to-face on a regular basis. Relationship Managers gather clients’ suggestions as regards our products and services on a regular basis.

We invite clients to follow our ING Community service – a place where no question is left unanswered. At the same time, we carefully read each user’s comments. We do so, among others, on Facebook, where our profile is followed by nearly 214 thousand people, and on Twitter (over 16.5 thousand followers).

In 2017, we compiled over 63,000 completed questionnaires in the NPS survey. We reviewed 8 points of client with Bank contact. We sent several thousand emails to clients each week as part of the NPS survey. We asked them whether they would recommend our bank to their family and friends. Through this we learnt that in 2017 clients gave the cash loan disbursement procedure 9.3 points out of 10. At the same time, they awarded 7.5 points to the complaint handling process, while 8.9 to the service quality at a branch and 8.7 for mobile banking. In the corporate banking segment in the last two quarters, the clients assessed the bank account opening process at 8.2. The NPS indicator reached 46.

We listen to our clients

At ING Bank Śląski S.A. we believe that clients are best aware of their financial needs. The remarks
and comments we receive from them inspire us.
Krystian Setera
Director of Distribution Strategy & Support Department

The employees of relevant units read and analyse each report, idea or information. Communication with clients is an invaluable source of feedback and it triggers on-going streamlining which proves to be the best response to clients’ needs. Clients’ suggestions helped us to develop our online and mobile applications – Moje ING for individual clients and entrepreneurs and ING Business for corporate clients, to name a few.

How we work with clients’ feedback:

  • Collecting customers’ voice through different channels: social media, Contact Centre, complaints, NPS survey, marketing research.
  • Examination of the customer’s voice.
  • “Customer Voice” meeting (we talk to people who create processes and products at the Bank about what our customers are saying).
  • Recommendation of changes.
  • Implementation of changes.
  • Monitoring of changes.

In 2017, we gathered over 580 thousand retail client voices. More than 50% of them reached us via Moje ING messages. Clients wrote to us most frequently about accounts, online and mobile banking, cards and transactions. 60% of all voices were from Primary clients. We recorded an increased number of client voices during the failure of Moje ING as well as after publishing the information on the planned switch-off of the ING BankOnLine login option on the Bank website.

In H2 2017, clients more and more often praised the quality and user friendliness of our mobile application.

Client voice inspires us all to expand or change the existing solutions and to build completely new ones. In 2017, client opinions helped us to direct over 400 change proposals to diverse business areas. Thanks to the involvement of multiple units, 140 of them were implemented.

I am a client

I am a staff member

I represent the market and media


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