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For the second time now, the ING Bank Śląski S.A. Group has compiled the annual report in line with the best global practices of integrated reporting. To help readers use the interactive tools, we prepared a user guide with key features. We encourage you to watch a short animated video before reading the report.

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In this digital era, ING Bank Śląski S.A. is now available on each device. We use the newest technologies and constantly improve our applications to make them more user-friendly for our clients. We never forget about people with disabilities. We believe that modern banking is for everyone.

  • As at 2017 yearend, we had 357 bank branches.
  • As at 2017 yearend, we had 726 own devices and 355 co-sourced ones (1,081 in total).
  • We are continuously expanding the preferred network (the ING Bank Śląski S.A and Planet Cash machines via which our clients can transact for free). We had over 3,000 of them as at 2017 yearend.
bank branches
Planet Cash machines

Each day, we prove that you can talk and write about finance clearly. We use a plain language. We want our clients to make informed and autonomous financial decisions. Our financial education programmes help them with that.

Moje ING

Moje ING does not stand for an online and mobile banking system only. It is a a kind of a remote assistant that, at any time, provides a given person with the best and tailored-made solution. It also plays an educational function – it provides advice on how to manage finances in an informed manner. The Coach Module helps clients to analyse their financial standing and indicates solutions for expenditure control, savings or money multiplication. These functions have been tailored to the clients’ needs.

Our clients have a fundamental impact on our offer and solutions we use. Moje ING was developed based on the analysis of thousands of opinions and expectations. They were filed by our clients. We strive after implementing the latest technologies, but client’s needs are most important to us.

We combined design with usability. We wanted the client to receive a visually attractive system without thinking how to perform a given transaction. Each solution was tested and verified with the users on multiple occasions.

In Moje ING the same actions can be performed with equal ease on any device, be it a smartphone, tablet or computer. We also developed Moje ING mobile application for smartphones. It has all features of the full system version. We also added features that are available without logging in.

Additionally for clients:

  • we enabled the function My documents – the disk space where bank documents of our clients: text, pdf and graphic files are saved automatically. With this service, clients obtain permanent access to their documents and can manage them easily in the Moje ING system.
  • we launched the option of account opening for minors. A parent may open an account for their child in the online banking application.
  • in the Offer tab, we activated the option of purchase of products for our Premium segment clients.
  • we provided selected groups of our clients with Moje ING online banking – entrepreneurswho had access to the old version of the ING BankOnLine system so far.
  • the persons who want to personalise their card image, since 2017 can design their NFC-enabled Visa My ING Card. On the card, they may put an image from the bank’s gallery (where over 100 images are available) or their own photo.

Throughout 2017, Moje ING application has 860,000 active users. In the Moje ING mobile application, we enabled the following features:

  • site personalisation before application login by adding quick links to selected features,
  • fingerprint-based login for the clients using the Android system,
  • receipt saving and storage as graphic files,
  • mobile phone payments – Mastercard on the phone. Clients can pay with it everywhere where NFC payments are accepted.

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We want to make Moje ING accessible for everyone, even the blind or visually-impaired. That is why, we closely cooperate with the Widzialni foundation that specialises in advisory services, surveys and audits of WCAG 2.0 standard-related areas, to name a few. It is inter alia thanks to this collaboration, that we managed to introduce so many improvements in 2017.

In 2017, we continued Moje ING online banking development. Following the recommendations of the institutions we collaborate with, we launched facilities for people with disabilities. New improvements consist in providing electronic banking in the high-contrast mode and making it available on text readers. Further, tab keys can be used to scroll the application screen. First, the most frequently used features like the home page, product details, transfer module or history of transactions were adjusted.

Good practice

ING Business

In October 2016, we started to provide online banking application users with a new release – ING Business – step by step. From February 2017 onwards, each new corporate client was using a new system version only. Since July 2017 ING Business can be accessed by nearly 53,000 companies – over 104,000 users in total. At the 2017 yearend, nearly 96% of corporate clients were new system users.

Clients can also use the mobile application – over 30% of companies installed our application. This translates into activity too. With the mobile application, users made 40% transfers more in Q4 2017 than in the same period of 2016.

The vast majority of our clients with current accounts at ING Bank Śląski S.A. use the ING Business online banking system to interact with the Bank.

Not only retail clients use our online solutions more and more frequently. Companies also file more and more credit applications online. As at 2017 yearend, the share of e-forms in the total of all application forms filed by companies stood at 93.1%. We are also shortening the waiting time for credit decisions. The other improvements introduced in the Fast Track lending path – both in terms of lending parameters and processing – made the share of this path materially gain in significance (up from 51.7% in 2016 to 69.8% in 2017).

ING Monitoring is the application used to monitor the client’s satisfaction of liabilities under credit agreements concluded with the Bank and watch the Client’s financial standing. It has been constantly improved since its launch in 2014. In 2017, multiple pre-planned modifications and improvements were introduced which to large extent were proposed by users. Their examples include an automatic annual review for the clients with exposures of up to PLN 6 million or centralisation of the collateral review process for the clients covered with simplified monitoring.

Other client-centred improvements are as follows:

In 2017, we provided clients with a new CCY offer. In May 2017, we added to the offer the FX platform via which clients may exchange currencies (PLN, EUR, GBP and USD) at rates set trade by trade. The platform can be used by grown-up individual clients and sole entrepreneurs. The service is free of charge. No extra applications are needed to use it.

In June, we provided the NFC-enabled VISA card holders with a new FX feature. It enables clients to use their FX accounts with just one card. The selected EUR, GBP or USD account can be pinned to the card at any time. In that way, clients can make transactions directly in those currencies without having to pay the currency conversion fee. The feature is available for each Visa payWave card user.

In 2017, we launched the option to personalise content on the online banking exit pages. In that way, clients who log out see the offers and information which suit their needs most. Furthermore, we revamped the entrepreneurs section. The new section lists products tailored to business clients’ needs and responds better to their expectations.

The bank’s website also provides for an expanded section for OAPs where pension products can be bought.

The new loyalty programme enables clients to enjoy discounts in online and brick and mortar shops, and also at service centres using the discount codes.

Throughout 2017, the My discounts loyalty programme offered around 40 different discounts on the average. Clients downloaded approximately 50,000 discount codes.

Transparency of and mobile access to the brokerage service are key in our offer. They are appreciated by both fledging investors and those more experienced ones. ING clients may activate a new brokerage account in just a few minutes. In 2017, these advantages made ING Brokerage Office record the highest growth in brokerage accounts in the Polish sector and its account was the preferred on in the market. We set up 9.1 thousand new accounts net, whereby in 2017 we had record results of nearly 70.2 thousand active accounts (up by 18% y/y) and a 5.2% market share.

In 2017, we had great assets under management results. Our two portfolios were top-rated (5A) by the AnalizyOnline.pl portal. The share-linked insurance plan (UKF Plan Akcji) and the unit-linked pension portfolio (UKF Portfel Emerytalny Plus) were recognised for management quality first and foremost.

We ushered in a new market feature, that is including the commission brackets in the Table of Fees and Commissions instead of negotiating them case by case. Further, we focused on offer transparency. We were the first in Poland to resign from the individually negotiated commissions, providing clients up-front with the amounts of order commissions they should factor in for individual brackets instead.

We respond to client needs

We consider the quality of our services, their accessibility and customer experience as a measure of our care about customer satisfaction. We want to be easy to find and contact. We want to provide our clients with clear and accurate information.

Modern and comfortable interior of our branches helps us to build long-lasting relationships. The decor of and atmosphere at the branches facilitate direct contact with advisors under the professional financial consultancy service. Modular interior design allows quick introduction of improvements. Depending on the clients’ needs, we also try to adjust our opening hours. Clients can use the latest solutions – there are free Wi-Fi and internet stands available at branches, and in some of them (approx. 260), clients can also make video calls. This enables clients to chat online with mortgage loan or business finance experts.

There is a self-service zone at every branch. It gives clients easier access to banking services. Clients can use devices that offer both ATM and CDM features – 24/7.

As at 2017 yearend, our bank had 357 branches (including 88 non-cash branches – where cash transactions are done only in multifunctional devices or in ATMs). There are 24/7 self-banking zones in Bank branches where the clients may deposit or withdraw funds on their own.

[G4-DMA] [G4-FS14]

We are striving to make our branches accessible to everyone, including those with disabilities or those who visit us with prams. We design the interior as per their needs and we eliminate barriers. Some examples of facilities for disadvantaged people include:

  • ramps, threshold ramps, lifts, elevators and other devices providing them with unassisted access to the branch,
  • rails in communication passages,
  • wide entrances through which a wheelchair can pass,
  • sanitary facilities,
  • non-slip floor tiles,
  • bells to call the branch personnel,
  • coloured markings, clear descriptions and notices that help them to have better orientation,
  • devices with embossed keyboards that inform clients with eyesight problems about the possibility to make NFC transactions.

As at 2017 yearend, approximately 280 of our branches were fully adapted to the needs of people with different disabilities.

The implemented so far facilities for the disadvantaged people concern both branch and non-branch machines:

  • headphone outlet sockets at ATMs (audio) – 143 outside branches,
  • machine keyboard with markers (convexly marked keys) – 722 in the network of branches, 359 – outside branches; 1,081 machines with ING logo in total,
  • Braille alphabet stickers for machine elements (e.g., a card reader, a printer of confirmations) – 124 at branches, 197 outside branches; 321 with ING logo in total,
  • NFC transactions – 722 at branches, 145 outside branches; 867 with ING logo in total,
  • “ATM for partially-sighted”, “NFC feature” filter in the machine search engine on the Bank’s website – for all machines with ING logo (1,081).

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