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For the second time now, the ING Bank Śląski S.A. Group has compiled the annual report in line with the best global practices of integrated reporting. To help readers use the interactive tools, we prepared a user guide with key features. We encourage you to watch a short animated video before reading the report.

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We consider our role in building customer experience to be something more than just handling their cash. We wish to educate our clients by motivating them to make informed decisions when it comes to managing their funds. Even the clients themselves more frequently expect us to do more for them than just safe-keep or transfer their money. Their expectations concerning information acquisition and experience exchange are growing. Internet users often use the opinion and experience of others when making their decisions. That is why, we propose solutions that will help them make informed decisions.

Financial education

In 2017, we commenced education activities in the form of webinars, run as live Facebook transmissions. We educated on day-to-day saving and putting money aside for pension; further, we used the Money Coach feature to run the Financial Training webinar. We continued education activities in the social media, and also our thematic initiatives: My Better Plan and ING Investing Academy.

Good practice
We want our clients to know the benefits Moje ING offers when it comes to a good financial plan. We want to educate them how to manage their money in an informed way, as it is something worth knowing.

That is why, Moje ING also offers support in financial planning. In November 2016, we launched a Money Coach module that helps our clients to analyse their financial standing. Based on the analysis results, it shows solutions for expenditure control, savings or money multiplication. It adjusts them to the client’s individual needs. In 2017, the Money Coach module was used by 52 thousand clients.


Money Coach:

  • helps to analyse the individual financial standing of the client,
  • brings clients’ attention to the necessity to build a financial cushion – protection in case of unexpected expenditure,
  • makes a diagnosis and formulates recommendations that are to improve the client’s financial standing,
  • shows clients who have not started saving yet how to do it,
  • shows how to multiple savings effectively.
  • shows clients with additional cash surpluses how much and where to invest them.

Just like the entire Moje ING system, Money Coach is available on all types of devices, including the mobile application.

ING Community

People trust those who are very much like themselves. Therefore, we wanted to provide our clients with a place, where they can freely exchange their opinions, and where we can monitor the discussion and take part in it whenever necessary to motivate and inspire one another. ING Community is a reliable opinion sharing platform that at the same time is also a source of knowledge of clients’ expectations and the potential directions in which our products and services could be developed.

By combining the functionality of the old forum and the Zafinansowani.pl blog, what we created is not only a discussion and opinion sharing forum, but also (as target) a knowledge base with which clients will be able to manage their funds wiser and better.

ING Community contains game elements. By advancing to next levels, clients receive badges and likes. This is how they build their prestige and acclaim among other users. We are counting on the birth of the so-called superusers – most active users that will be the driver of the entire Community.

Our employees have “ING” tags in the game – so as to maintain transparency. We encourage them to actively participate in the Community’s life and to carefully follow the discussions.

In December 2017, more than 6,700 users of ING Community were registered. They all published nearly 11 thousand posts.


Our availability in the social media in 2017:

 ING Community was visited by approx. 80,000 users a month,

 the Bank’s Facebook profile had over 214,000 fans as at the yearend,

 the Bank’s YouTube video channel had over 88.6 million views and over 58.7 thousand subscribers as at the yearend,

 Twitter account was followed by 16,500 viewers at the yearend.

 the Bank’s Instagram account was followed by over 4,000 users as at the yearend

 the Bank’s LinkedIn account had over 7,100 followers as at the yearend.

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