2020 Integrated Annual Report ING Bank Śląski


We care about the stability and security of banking during a pandemic

The security of our bank and the funds entrusted to us by our clients – measured by financial ratios – remains at a high level. The total capital ratio at the end of 2020 was 18.72%, i.e. 7.72 pp above the regulatory requirements in this regard. The quality of our assets remained stable – the share of loans in stage 3 at the end of 2020 was 3.3% (3.0% the year before), still clearly below the market average.

Brunon Bartkiewicz
President of the Management Board

We are observing the impact of the economic downturn on our financial results

Loans/deposits ratio
Cost/Income ratio
Total Capital Ratio

The economic situation related to the COVID-19 pandemic had an impact on the banking sector, including our bank.
The consequences of this are visible in many aspects, both in terms of the balance sheet (e.g. inflow of customer deposits) and in terms of results (e.g. pressure on interest income, higher costs of risk). Details in this regard are presented in the chapter Our financial results.

In the first weeks of March 2020 (beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in Poland) we observed a significant growth of the number of transactions – both in payment terminals (increased shopping, hoarding of foodstuffs) and in non-cash transactions (ATMs, recyclers).
The weeks afterwards – due to multiple government restrictions – showed a reduced number of cash withdrawals and transactions in stationary stores. Clients less frequently withdrew cash but the average amount of single withdrawal was higher. Afraid of being infected, clients shopped less frequently but for higher amounts. Additionally, clients more frequently did on-line shopping which resulted in an increased number of e-commerce transactions.
It was not only consumption of our clients that was transferred to the Internet – also communication with bodies of public administration moved towards remote channels.
The use of trusted profiles was at record levels at our bank. In 2020 our clients signed totally 3.8 million documents with trusted profiles which was almost three times as many as in 2019.
The move of the activity of retail clients towards the Internet has also generated a similar move by corporate clients – they follow their own clients.
The number of companies that implemented the imoje payment gate at the end of 2020 was 2.7 thousand (1.4 thousand more than a year earlier). In 2020, under imoje we processed transactions for PLN 1.1 billion (5x more y/y).
We have also been observing much less intensive activities of corporate clients in branches than a year earlier.
In 2020 cash transactions at branches declined by 33.7% y/y while transactions in cash devices dropped by 8.0% y/y. Clients’ activity has moved to online banking – we have processed jointly 92.0 million transfers of corporate clients in 2020 (+16.1% y/y).

We notice changes in the behavior of our customers

The COVID-19 pandemic forced clients to modify their behaviour, including the way they use banking services.

Clients of our bank even more frequently use the Internet for banking and less frequently visit our branches.

We help our customers and healthcare during a pandemic

Donations for health care

In 2020, we donated PLN 5 million to help medical services. In addition, thanks to donations from clients, employees and the ING Group, which supports the fight against the pandemic in many countries, over PLN 2 million was collected in the health care fundraiser. ING Bank Śląski, ING Tech Poland and the ING Foundation for Children transferred the funds to selected medical institutions.

PFR 1.0 Financial Shield

In order to help companies that suffered during the first wave of COVID-19, we started operating the PFR subsidy program for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises. The main objective of the Program was to provide financing, largely non-returnable, on preferential terms to ensure liquidity and financial stability in times of serious economic disruptions due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Security at meeting places

During a pandemic, we pay special attention to the safety of all customers. We have taken a number of measures to ensure adequate protection against coronavirus infection. We equipped all departments with contactless disinfection stations. We equipped the cash desks and meeting rooms in each of the meeting places with plexiglass covers, which constitute a protective barrier between the employee and the client.

Bank from home

In 2020, we introduced a new internet service available on the bank's website, in internet banking and in the mobile application - "Bank from home". Its task was to educate customers about safe banking methods, demonstrate self-service capabilities, migrate to safe channels (internet and mobile banking, contactless payments), but also help from an overloaded helpline.

We care about the well-being and health of our employees

Regardless of the circumstances, ING Bank Śląski cares for the well-being of its employees in 4 complementary areas: Health, Activity, Energy and Finance. All bank employees and associates can benefit from many well-being activities, regardless of the form of employment.

Actions implemented in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic

The constraints of the pandemic have demonstrated how fit and resilient we are as an organization. We have introduced a lot of activities to provide employees with the best working conditions and we took care of their well-being in these special conditions. 81% of employees believe ING is providing adequate support to its employees during the COVID 19 pandemic

Orange helpline - for the sake of our mental well-being

In the interests of the mental well-being of employees and their relatives, we have launched an anonymous hotline operated by psychologists, which helps us not only during a pandemic prevent depression, burnout and deal with difficult situations at work and outside. The services can be used by all ING employees, irrespective of the employment form.

Oncology Prevention Programme

The Oncology Prevention Programme is an important element of activities that promotes an active and healthy lifestyle. As the incidence of cancer increases each year, we have set ourselves the goal of raising employee awareness of oncological prevention. We are committed to promoting preventive testing and to mobilising and creating conditions for all employees to participate in such medical testing.

Run Warsaw and March-Support 2020 - virtually, but together!

We know that physical activity is important, especially in a pandemic. Therefore, once again, this time in a different formula, we ran and marched for the ING for Children Foundation. Nearly 3,000 ING employees and their family members stood at the starting line of "Wirtualny Biegnij Warszawo" and "Virtual Marching Fans". Participants covered the distance of a 10-kilometer run and a 5-kilometer walk in selected locations throughout the country.

"I grow because I want" program - self-education and employee development

The new reality showed how much we can already do and how important it is to strengthen and continuously develop competences. The change in the work model moved development activities to the online zone, and numerous trainings and webinars responded to the current needs and supported our employees and managerial staff. As part of the second edition of the conference "I grow because I want", external experts and colleagues from various areas of the bank shared with us ways to develop.

"Finance under the magnifying glass" – we increase the financial awareness of employees

Its goal is, among others providing knowledge about savings programs for future retirement, personal taxes, market situation and financial psychology. Through a series of webinars in the "Finance under the magnifying glass ", we encouraged employees to consciously manage home budget and take care of financial future. Internal and external finance experts attended to webinars

Financing of Renewable Energy Sources

In 2020, we concluded renewable energy financing transactions for a total amount of PLN 920 million. The installed capacity of the onshore solar and wind farms covered by loans is as much as 490 MW.

Financing of the Dębsk Wind Farm

ING Bank Śląski together with three other banks granted financing in the total amount of PLN 553 million for the construction of the 121MW Dębsk Wind Farm (Polenergia Group). This record-breaking investment in the Group's history will ensure nearly 50% increase in capacity in the onshore wind farm segment

Cooperation with Vooom

ING Bank Śląski invested PLN 1 million in the company developing the Vooom application and thus acquired a minority stake of 8%. Partners have been tightening cooperation on the development of Poland’s first MaaS (Mobility-as-Service). Thanks to innovative mobile solutions in the Vooom powered by ING application, employees can not only optimize transport expenses, but also have access to alternative, ecological means of transport.

Car eco-fleet

At the beginning of 2019, the Management Board approved the implementation of a long-term eco-strategy for the car fleet and changes in car policy. By 2022, ING Bank Śląski will have a full ecological fleet, and by 2023 we will reduce our CO2 emissions by as much as 30%. At the moment, our fleet consists of 54% green cars.

From the rain to the office

In order to reduce water consumption, in 2020 we installed a rainwater collection tank with a capacity of 15.5 m3. This water is used to water the green areas with an area of 400 m2. Thanks to the collection and use of rainwater, we can use approx. 364 thousand of litres of water, which we have so far obtained from the water supply.

We support the fight against climate change

We observe the climate crisis shaping changes in social and economic life. We are aware that our approach to environmental protection is necessary and inevitable. This creates risks but also opportunities.

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