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ING Bank Śląski S.A. Group has compiled the annual report in line with the best global practices of integrated reporting. To help readers use the interactive tools, we prepared a user guide with key features. We encourage you to watch a short animated video before reading the report.

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Integrated Annual Report
of ING Bank Śląski S.A. 2019


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  • [401-2]
    Benefits provided to full-time employees that are not provided to temporary or part-time employees

We complement the solid foundations with an attractive package of additional benefits such as:

  • additional days of special leave, on the occasion of the birth of a child or wedding (higher than specified in state regulations),
  • an additional 5 days of leave per year for parents of a child with a disability certificate,
  • an additional 2 days off for workers caring for the disabled family members,
  • an additional 3 days off for employees with a certified mild degree of disability,
  • an additional Family Day Off, which can be enjoyed by employees on an hourly basis,
  • an option to receive days off as an award, up to 5 days per calendar year,
  • an additional day off for employees working on a shift basis (i.e. at night, on Sundays and public holidays),
  • an option to take advantage of sabbatical (a longer break at work to regenerate forces or for additional training),
  • an option to work from home,
  • an option to use 8 hours per year for volunteer activities,
  • medical care, occupational pension scheme and group insurance,
  • Oncology Prevention Programme,
  • cafeteria Programme.

Cafeteria Programme

The cafeteria Programme has been operational at the Bank for 2 years now. Employees have access to sports cards and flexible offer of benefits. The cafeteria is available to all employees and the number of scored points depends on the employee’s salary level.

Employees can choose from a wide range of products on-line, such as cinema or theatre tickets, weekend or vacation time, or they can do shopping at sports stores or bookstores. In 2019 we launched two new cafeteria functionalities:

  • Transfer of the remaining points to the ING Foundation for Children, which allows to support the Foundation’s statutory objectives and to use the pool of scored points during the year in a more efficient way (an option to transfer individual points that do not allow to purchase a benefit in the cafeteria).
  • Subscriptions for various types of initiatives organised by the employer, e.g. oncological prevention tests. A friendly and intuitive form collecting the necessary data is available at the cafeteria and significantly facilitates the coordination of benefit activities organised by the bank.

The cafeteria offer is under constant development, and employees can report themselves to potential suppliers whose products they would like to see in the system.


As part of the Sabbatical Programme, which has been in operation since 2018 and is designed to enable employees to take a break from their work, our employees can enjoy:

  • one month off – once every 3 years,
  • three months off – once every 5 years,
  • six months off – once every 7 years,

The program allows employees to take advantage of a free break from work, the purpose of which is to relax from everyday life. An employee during the period of Sabbatical stays on a justified dismissal without the right to remuneration but at the same time has the right to benefits, i.e.: medical care, social fund, benefits related to the Cafeteria Program, group insurance, Employee Pension Plans, company car (if granted in under the status benefit).

After completing Sabbatical, the employee is guaranteed a return to the position he or she occupied before taking advantage of the absence with unchanged remuneration. Upon return from Sabbatical leave, the employee is guaranteed to return to his current position with his current salary. Since the beginning of the Programme, 41 employees have already taken advantage of this form of rest from work (34 of them in 2019).

Oncology Prevention Programme

The Oncological Prevention Programme is an important element of activities that are part of the Well-beING Programme, promoting an active and healthy lifestyle. As the incidence of cancer increases each year, we have set ourselves the goal of raising employee awareness of oncological prevention. We are committed to promoting preventive testing and to mobilising and creating conditions for all employees to participate in such medical testing.

Since October 2019 the bank has started cooperation with renowned diagnostic and therapeutic centres in Poland.

By the end of January 2020, 592 people had already registered for health checks (514 ladies and gentlemen for endoscopic examination and 145 ladies for breast examination). The employees covered by the Programme may take advantage of a day off to carry out the tests. Additionally, 4 workshops with a psychooncologist were organized under the Programme, which were attended by 50 people. If a cancer has been diagnosed, each of the employees can count on support in the treatment process, recovery and professional activity.

"Health Culture” Programme

The aim of the Programme is to promote a healthy lifestyle among employees and equip them with knowledge on how to protect the backbone during office work. We offer employees ergonomic desks with height-adjustable top, so they can combine sitting and standing and vice versa, introducing the movement necessary for the proper functioning of the backbone. On the Employee Intranet we reminded the rules of ergonomic positioning of chairs. Brief training sessions were also held in open spaces. Every Monday, “Fruit Mondays” are held at the Bank's headquarters in Katowice and Warsaw. In 2018 we organized a Body Power conference. The lead motif of the meeting was life energy and its maintenance at a high level. In April 2019, we organized the Work&Power conference concerned with emotions and dealing with stress.

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