Value creation model

Together with the Management Board and senior leaders, we have developed a detailed value creation model. It was built on the basis of the International Integrated Reporting Council’s (IIRC) methodology. The value creation model is our answer to the questions: what value do we create for clients, shareholders, employees, society and the environment, how do we measure it and how we maximize it. All this is to help us constantly improve the strategic management of our organisation.

Our business model

We are a universal bank and along with other companies in the group we provide services to both individual clients and corporate clients.

Effective functioning of our business model relies on a group of over 8 thousand staff members. What we value is motivation, diversified experience, seniority and abundant knowledge. We base our work on our code of ethics – Orange Code or a set of ING Conduct and Values.

We are aware that we impact multiple economic processes and individual choices and it is up to our decisions what the world will look like and what reality will be there for the next generations. That is why in our business and non-business decisions we follow the principles of sustainable development.

As a public trust institution, we are aware of the importance of stability and an effective risk management system for the banking sector and the entire economy. In our bank, the system is constructed in compliance with best market standards on the basis of three lines of defence with the first line managing business, the second line managing risk and finances and the third line comprises internal audit and compliance. We also care for optimum management of the asset and liability structure of our balance sheet in line with our risk appetite limits.

Our mission is to support and inspire people to be one step ahead in life and business. In everybody’s life, roles in the society change: from a child, to student, parent, business person, bank employee, our vendor or employee of another company until retirees. This is a certain trip during which clients will make various important private and business choices. We, as a Bank, help them in taking the best financial decisions for them. That is why we share knowledge and provide tools to our clients as well as solutions that are simple, useful and suited to their needs. We make them better understand their own financial situation.

Our role is to provide opportunities for secure and effective savings. Deposits placed by certain clients fund loans granted to other clients which support the development of the society and economy alike. The financing granted supports purchases of housing, opening business activity or development of companies.

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We take care that our payment and transactional systems are effective. And now – in view of the growing popularity of non-cash transactions – an efficient electronic payment system becomes increasingly important. We provide our clients with transactional banking, we process transfers, card, telephone or BLIK payments and we keep developing a network of devices for non-cash payments.

We offer our clients banking products and services (such as loans or savings accounts and transfers) as well as those that are unrelated to traditionally understood banking. Our competencies support us in building a positive client experience. We also use big data and artificial intelligence and cooperate with fintechs to reach beyond. Those are not solely insurance products, accounting services or investment products. We offer our clients a broad range of tools for financial management.

We split our clients into two core segments – retail clients and corporate clients as detailed below.

Electronic and mobile banking are the core interaction channel with both retail and corporate clients. We want our clients to be able to access tools that will support their modern payments and remote handling of simple matters.

We also note the changing role of branch offices. That is why in 2019 we modified our distribution. Therefore, we do not refer to branches any more but to venues where we help in daily banking, in business development and in caring about financial future.

Corporate clients who expect high quality service may be serviced at a branch or their own offices as they may require. The task of our employees is to support them in taking financial decisions, inter alia by analysing their financial needs and objectives, financial condition or risk levels of investments.

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