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ING Bank Śląski S.A. Group has compiled the annual report in line with the best global practices of integrated reporting. To help readers use the interactive tools, we prepared a user guide with key features. We encourage you to watch a short animated video before reading the report.

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Integrated Annual Report
of ING Bank Śląski S.A. 2019

We support green investment projects

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    Infrastructure investments and services supported

Green bonds

In 2019, ING Bank Śląski contributed to the arrangement of an issue of green Treasury bonds denominated in euro. Under the bond issue, on 28 February, the Ministry offered 10- and 30-year bonds for sale.

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Energy partnership with Siemens

In May 2019, we signed a framework co-operation agreement with Siemens in the area of energy efficiency, dedicated to companies that run manufacturing activities. Under the cooperation agreement, ING Bank Śląski provides an eco-guarantee for the energy efficiency improvement service offered by Siemens. Based on an energy analysis, Siemens implements, monitors and manages technical improvements to buildings and their infrastructure, thus guaranteeing and achieving a predetermined reduction level of energy consumption. The client concludes a futures contract with Siemens for the provision of the service described above, paid for by means of a subscription fee. During contract life, Siemens remains the owner of the infrastructure. The project is addressed to ING’s customers running production activities with revenues exceeding PLN 100 million. Granting of a bank guarantee is conditional upon obtaining a positive credit decision from ING Bank Śląski. By the end of the year, over 20 bilateral and group meetings were held at which recent changes and trends in the energy market were presented as well as technological and financial advantages of our solution. Now, three ING customers are involved in a pilot programme under which Siemens performs a technological audit on their sites.


Throughout the entire 2019 ING Bank Śląski offered eco-products to its customers.

The offer of Mortgage Eco-Loan is intended for construction of energy-efficient houses or purchase of such real estate in the primary market. This is a loan offer with an attractive margin (1.75%) and without loan arrangement fee. The minimum loan amount is PLN 100,000 and the maximum loan amount is PLN 1,500,000. The loan may be granted for a period of up to 35 years and the requirement is to meet the criterion of an ‘energy-efficient house’ whose annual heating and ventilation consumption does not exceed 40 kWh/m2. This requirement ensures that such an investment is based on technological solutions that minimize energy demand (e.g. building structure, quality of materials used, technological solutions).

The offered eco-loan for corporate customers is addressed to entrepreneurs who benefit from simplified accounting rules. In order to take advantage of the offer, you should apply to Moje ING for a loan without security in the variant with a commission and add to it an invoice for the purchase of environment-friendly merchandise (ecological objectives are included in the regulations).

The Housing Communities’ Eco-loan is an eco-loan without a fee and with a lower margin (depending on the loan amount, from 1.5%). In order to take advantage of the offer, one should file an application for an eco-loan for environmental purposes the bank’s branch and attach a resolution of the community where the purpose of the loan is related to ecology.

Eco-loan for individual customers is intended for people who plan to purchase environment-friendly goods or materials. The offer may include reimbursement of a fee for granting a cash loan. The fee is reimbursed after the bank has received an invoice confirming the purchase of goods / materials from the list in the Offer Rules and Regulations.

In 2019, the Bank granted 783 eco-lending products for the total amount of PLN 231.6 million.

In September, we also launched a new eco-campaign, under which we promoted the Eco-loan Offer. The TV commercial presented children and their efforts to improve the climate situation. It is children – as much as they can – that make the adults understand that they have to address the issue in a serious manner. In our TV commercial, children in a funny but decisive manner file a petition with adults, pointing out issues that should be addresses as soon as possible, such as proper waste segregation, less plastics or water saving.


In 2019, we continued our efforts to develop electromobility in Poland.

Cooperation with Innogy

As part of the partnership with Innogy, in addition to signing the letter of intent in 2018, we successfully carried out, among others a pilot programme for the lease of electric cars on car sharing principle. Under the pilot project 1,585 active users rented cars 1,225 times and covered a distance of 17,000 km.

In the agreement signed in December 2018, together with Innogy, we undertook to jointly develop solutions for the integration of electromobility market services, including both financial and transactional services. Thanks to ING Bank Śląski support, Innogy was able to offer 500 electric cars in Warsaw in spring 2019 on a car sharing basis. It is the largest fleet of electric cars offered on a sharing basis in Europe. New charging stations for electric vehicles will be also built.

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aktywnych użytkowników

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wypożyczonych samochodów

17 000 km

przebytych przez użytkowników

Cooperation with Tauron

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In December 2018, we launched, and then in 2019 we followed up the car-sharing pilot programme and launched the first electric vehicle charging stations in Katowice: 23 charging stations and 20 electric vehicles. The electric car charging terminal network consists of four fast charging stations (DC) and 19 fast charging stations (AC). The location of the charging stations has been planned throughout the city in a manner allowing you to move around freely in an electric vehicle. The charging infrastructure is already available for electric vehicle drivers. All terminals can be used free of charge by the electric vehicle drivers.

Cooperation with blinkee.city



In May 2019, we established a partnership with blinkee.city to expand the public sharing service for scooters and electric scooters. We also started distributing vehicles with ING logo to several locations in Poland. In Katowice there were 100 electric scooters and 100 kick scooters, in Warsaw – 200 electric scooters and 100 kick scooters, in Bydgoszcz, Kraków, Lublin, Łódź, Poznań and Tricity – 340 scooters in total. Additionally, in Tricity 100 kick scooters were made available.

Strategic partnership with VOOOM


In November 2019, we signed a Letter of Intent on joint activities with Vooom. The scope of cooperation initiated covers the development and promotion of innovative solutions in the area of public transport, including electromobility and vehicle sharing. In early 2020, ING acquired an 8.08% stake in Vooom. In the months to come it is planned to support the development of the platform.

Driving E-culture

During the European Sustainable Transport Week in Katowice last September, a presentation was made on driving e-culture – a code of good practices of transport sharing. Our Bank was involved in the development of this material. We have cooperated with other companies dealing with electromobility and vehicle sharing (TAURON, blinkee.city, innogy) and with the Katowice City Hall. Driving E-culture presents not only the basic principles of sharing. It also has rules that apply to the use of different types of vehicles: cars, electric scooters and kick scooters. When we rent an electric scooter, kick scooter, bicycle or electric vehicle, we can travel more pleasantly, faster and in a more environment friendly manner.

Move smart. Safely” with ING

In October we held a campaign “Move smart. Safely”, which encouraged to smart use of electric scooters. The campaign was accompanied by a 30-minute-long promotion of free driving using electric scooters and kick scooters, sponsored by ING.

ING Bank Hipoteczny Green Mortgage Bonds

On 3 October 2019, ING Bank Hipoteczny closed the book for the first issue of 5-year green mortgage bonds. Consequently, ING Bank Hipoteczny issued mortgage bonds worth PLN 400 million. On 2 December 2019, the green mortgage bonds of ING Bank Hipoteczny were quoted for the first time at the Warsaw Stock Exchange. You can read more about this in the text box “First issue of mortgage bonds” on Our presence on the capital market.

Climate changes vs. business – a round table for the banking sector

On 10 October 2019, a round table meeting was held at the ING headquarters in Warsaw. The main topic of round table talks was climate change in the context of the Polish financial market. The round table talks were attended by the representatives of all major banks in Poland, the Polish Banks Association, the Polish Insurance Association and NGOs. The event consisted of a subject matter part, during which, inter alia, ING economists presented projections on the impact of climate change on business, as well as debates involving the attendees. All guests received a document containing a summary and key conclusions of the meeting. Follow-up activities in this area have been planned.

Circular economy

In 2019, we continued to promote the circular economy during events such as the following: European Economic Congress in Katowice or Open Eyes Economy Summit in Kraków. We also attended the debate on circular economy organized by Executive Club during the Sustainable Economy Summit Warsaw. These events included practical and financial aspects of circular economy implementation.

The circular economy creates many opportunities and challenges for the Polish economy, both for entrepreneurs and consumers, their implementation takes place gradually in the context of the extended legal framework of the European Union and Polish regulations. The circular economy ranks high in the European Green Deal, announced by the European Commission in December 2019.

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